Serendipity means “fortunate happenstance” or “pleasant surprise” and this project is meant to be an experience, which mix places and sound, to have the possibility of seeing places you usually go with new eyes, more poetic, more ecstatic. Through a walk you will have access to six music tracks, developed starting from the very ambient-sound of those places themself. I chose accurately very popular meeting points in my town (Bolzano), where many people go without even realizing anymore how does the place looks like. On a map I drew, those locations are highlighted and when you arrive there you can scan the QRcode I placed in the area and listen to the soundtrack created to allow you enjoying the moment. It should be a discovering process, maybe started with free cardboards made to intrigue or just by seeing the QRcode randomly. The perks is that this concept is applicable to every city/place and it would be nice to spread it and let the sound goes local.